Preschool II

  • Students must be 4 by August 31
  • Classes held Mon 8:30-10:45 and Tue, Wed, and Thu 8:30-11:15
  • Maximum of 16 students per session (student/teacher ratio of 8:1)

The Preschool II program is developmentally appropriate. The children learn to enhance the many skills they are now capable of doing. Special emphasis is placed upon the development of social responsibility and spiritual growth. Open exploration, as well as teacher directed activities, include opportunities for whole group, small group and individualized learning styles. Different learning styles are addressed and the development of a child’s strengths are encouraged while instilling confidence and maturity. A daily variety of opportunities encourage the development of readiness skills including pre-reading, mathematics, whole language, art, science, social studies and motor development. The children are preparing for success in the formalized school environment of kindergarten.


  • Students must be 5 by December 31
  • Classes held Mon 11:45-2:00 and Tue,Wed, Thu,and Fri 12:15 - 3:00
  • Maximum of 16 students per session (Student/Teacher ratio of 8:1)

The Pre-Kindergarten class is for older 4 and 5 year olds and offers additional enrichment designed to further encourage and expand a child’s intellectual, spiritual, creative motor, and social skills. The Pre-Kindergarten class is a class that allows children to continue at their own rate of development while instilling confidence and maturity. This curriculum was created with age appropriate activities to stretch and challenge older preschoolers in the areas of logical-mathematical concepts, whole language, spiritual growth, social responsibility, sciences, social studies and art. The children will have the opportunity to expand their knowledge and gain a longer attention span, social readiness skills, and large/small muscle control. This program is designed for older 4 and 5 year olds who would benefit from an extra year of preschool before entering the formalized school setting of kindergarten.