Ms. Stacey Porter - Drama

Bachelors in Music from Ball State University

Began teaching in 2005.
Teaching at Holy Family since 2015.

What I love about teaching at Holy Family School

What I love most about teaching is seeing the joy children experience from trying and learning something new, and their continued joy when they’ve mastered that new skill.

Why I became a teacher:

As a child, one of the only “games” I really enjoyed playing was Teacher. I would take my mother’s college text books, study a page and then teach it to my pretend classroom. I loved doing that! I found as I got older I was still teaching (to real people, this time) and enjoying it immensely. I attended Catholic School for grades K – 8, and I always admired my teachers and what they did for us each day. I am so grateful for the opportunity to teach at Holy Family; to freely share my love for teaching music, technology and most importantly God!

Favorite Scripture Verse:
Come, let us sing joyfully to the LORD; cry out to the rock of our salvation. Let us come before him with a song of praise, joyfully sing out our psalms. ” Psalm 95: 1-2.