Academic Excellence

Holy Family Parish School's reading and language arts curriculum includes phonics, sight words, spelling, grammar, vocabulary, and literature. Our math curriculum is designed to promote critical thinking skills while providing opportunity for mastery of math facts and operations. Students learn to problem solve by combining basic math skills with higher-level thinking skills. Grades K-6 study general math while middle school students study pre-algebra and Algebra I. Geography, history, and civics are incorporated into the social studies curriculum. Our science program uses the scientific inquiry approach in physical, life, and earth sciences.

All students have daily religion classes with many opportunities for prayer. Religion is integrated throughout the day in all curricular areas. Students attend morning Mass every Friday and have opportunities to participate in the planning and preparation of liturgies.

Holy Family Parish School provides excellent resources to enhance learning. Our Technology Department utilizes COWS (Computers on Wheels) for student learning plus an information station in each classroom. Our Technology Administrator maintains the highest standards for hardware, software and has appropriate filtering systems for Internet safety. All classrooms have SMARTBoards, document cameras, student response systems, and computers, tablets, and eReaders available for student use. Our beautiful library utilizes computers for research, and offers a story area with an excellent book collection available to all students in grades K-8. Performing and visual arts are a vibrant part of our education curriculum. Music classes include Orff instruments, guitars, keyboards, drums, ukuleles, and handbells. Student experiences in public speaking include speech, drama and audiovisual broadcast.

The Holy Family Principal and teachers are committed to ensuring that our students master the skills and knowledge they will need to be successful in high school and beyond. A high percentage of our graduates are accepted into high school with honors, scholarships, and other academic recognition.